Parents’ Pandemic Survival Kit

$158.00 $9.00

Let me show you how this working and homeschooling mom of 3 streamlined the most chaotic parts of our days and brought a peace to our household that I didn’t even think was possible!


Is the thought of another season of remote learning overwhelming?
Maybe you’re homeschooling, but there are no breaks for co-ops or field trips in the foreseeable future.


I don’t know about you, but I had forgotten how to spend so much time at home! The messes piled up, the grocery budget was out of control, and the kids needed to do more than “socially distance” from one another.

I’m Laina Yeisley, and that picture is me in my garage in a virtual meeting with my preschooler pretending to sleep on my lap.

What you can’t see is my husband in a Zoom meeting in our bedroom, one of my teens pawing through the pantry for yet another snack, and the other teen glittering up the dining room with another crafty “experiment.” Glitter never goes away, y’all. Never.


When I snapped this selfie, I felt I was nearing my breaking point. This was NOT sustainable.

So I put together all 11 years of the working-mom, homeschool-organizing strategies I knew (but got lazy about using), and GOT BACK CONTROL!
And that’s what I’m sharing with you…


What you get in this kit…

  • THE PARENTS’ PANDEMIC SURVIVAL GUIDE PLUS eBook with all the details about you can use BOXES to regain your sanity! ($15 value)
  • My ENTIRE Family Command Central Binder! ($97 value)
    • TO-DO LIST TEMPLATES for parents and kids
    • INVENTORY SHEETS for pantry and freezer
    • BLANK RECIPE CARDS, PANTRY BOX LABELS, and 2 super-easy go-to recipes for the EXTRA crazy days
    • LABEL TEMPLATES for snack and activity boxes
  • AND these great bonuses! ($45 value)
    • 50 ACTIVITY BOX IDEAS for kids of all ages
    • BONUS EBOOK: 5 Ways to Enrich Your Child’s Education At Home RIGHT NOW
    • BONUS EBOOK: The Penny Date Game – a social-distancing-friendly family field trip guide
    • PRINTABLES for what to put in a pandemic time capsule

Get it today for just $9!


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