Plan Your Homeschool Year Workshop


It’s not too late to start, or restart, homeschooling with confidence!

If you’re too overwhelmed to begin, or you feel like you don’t quite have your footing yet, we need to create a step-by-step plan to LAUNCH that homeschool!

It’s not too late to put a solid homeschool plan in place!

So you’ve decided to bring education home, you’ve withdrawn your children from school… and then what?

You start Googling for curriculum, or you ask in a Facebook group, and you get hundreds of results! What one family loved, another trashed. What’s going to work for your kids? And it looks like SO MUCH to take in!

Did you make a mistake? Should you have stuck with the school system?

Whoa there! Let’s not get crazy. This IS doable. You just need a plan, and someone with experience to guide you through it.

So let’s do it together, ok?


In this workshop, you will…

  1. Set meaningful, measurable, and achievable goals for your homeschooling journey
  2. Learn about homeschooling styles and find the right one (or the right mix) for your family
  3. Find a curriculum that works for you (instead of you working for it!) without wasting time and money
  4. Break down the curriculum and lesson plans so you know what you’ll be doing each week
  5. Have a manageable daily and weekly schedule so you can be confident you’re heading toward your goals
  6. Learn how to manage the challenges like multiple ages, working while homeschooling, and kids that resist
  7. Have the support of a community of parents on the same journey
  8. Get advice about co-ops, support groups, and other enrichments
  9. …. and more!

Normally, these done-for-you getting started packages are offered by homeschooling consultants for $600-$1000! And that’s BEFORE you buy all the curriculum and supplies.
Or you can go to a homeschool convention and pay for admission plus lodging and come out overwhelmed with choices that weren’t tailored to YOU and YOUR FAMILY!

But because this workshop is at your own pace once it begins on 8/30, and conveniently available from both browser and mobile app, you don’t have to spend hundreds AND it fits into your schedule!

  • We’ll be corresponding in a private app group
  • You’ll get downloads and emails with extra bits of help!
  • You will have access to weekly office hours available from the course creator to ask your questions in a convenient chat format.
  • You will get exclusive access to coupons and deals from some of our favorite homeschool vendors!

And because I know this season has been hard on everyone in one way or another…

We’re offering this course at 50% off through the end of 2020!


I really just want YOU to be successful. There’s no need for MORE uncertainty in the world right now. If this is one thing I can help you feel better about, then please join me…

Go ahead and fill in your price, checkout, and then watch your email on 8/29/20 for an invitation to our app and your getting started instructions!

I can’t wait to see you there!

“Thanks for all the great information and guidance. Our home school has officially been registered and I feel confident with the curriculum we chose. Your suggestions were awesome!” — K from Raleigh

“Very helpful, informative, and supportive. Gives me the boost I need when looking for help.” — M from Knightdale

(P.S. Not exactly BRAND NEW to homeschooling? That’s ok! C’mon in! If you’ve felt your first year or years haven’t gone as planned and you want help tweaking your curriculum and scheduling, we’d love to have you join us!)

**This workshop is led by Laina Yeisley, founder of The Triangle Homeschool Resource Center.


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